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May 25, 2020
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Minutes for HB2248 - Committee on Transportation

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Allowing all-terrain vehicles to cross federal or state highways.

Minutes Content for Tue, Mar 19, 2019

Chairperson Petersen called the meeting to order at 8:35 a.m. and opened the hearing on HB2248.

Revisor Adam Siebers briefed the Committee on the bill.  He explained that the bill amends the statute regarding all-terrain vehicles (ATV) to allow such vehicles to cross a state or federal highway if the person owns property that is separated by the highway.  The bill does not apply to interstate highways.  Responding to a question, Mr. Siebers replied that crossing a four-lane highway would be permitted.  To another question, he said the bill does not address whether the owner's property is contiguous.

Lindsey Douglas, Deputy Secretary, Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) gave a brief history of the bill; she noted that the Kansas Livestock Association (KLA) recommended amendments to the bill when it was heard in the House.   She reported that House members suggested addressing these concerns at the Senate hearing, after which the KLA and the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) developed language to present to the Committee (Attachments 1 & 2).  She opined that the proposed amendment will meet the objectives of the KHP, KDOT, and the KLA as well as the original intent of the bill. 

Members discussed the bill and the proposed amendments, expressing concern that the bill is limited to agricultural application when hunters could also be included.  Ms. Douglas responded that the bill was purposely drawn with a narrow focus to enable the KHP to determine compliance.

Tucker Stewart, Associate Counsel, KLA, testified as a proponent for the bill if it includes the proposed amendments (Attachment 3).  He noted that in some areas of the state horse-drawn buggies are permitted on public highways; the bill with its amendments will provide proper protections while allowing latitude for agricultural purposes.

John Donley, Kansas Farm Bureau, spoke in support of the bill with the proposed amendments (Attachment 4).  He said the bill with its amendments will match the statute with current practice among farmers.

The Chair referenced the following written-only proponents for the bill:

  • Josh Roe, Vice-President, Kansas Corn Growers Association (Attachment 5); and
  • Tim Stroda, President and CEO, Kansas Pork Association (Attachment 6).

The Chair closed the hearing on HB2248.